Build Outside the Box

We transform your technological challenges into opportunities. Teaming up with Auxcube lets you focus on growing your business while our capable engineers build robust and scalable solutions for your technical challenges.

Holistic Software Consulting

We believe in a holistic approach to engineering. Our people have a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of diverse industries and aim to help you lay the foundation for your future success by analyzing your business from multiple angles and lenses, adding value beyond mere code through sharing insights and recommendations for improvement and optimization.

  • Software Development

    Our engineering teams are equally at home with green-field projects, software redesign, technology migrations, and feature development for existing software systems.

  • QA & Technical Audit

    If you took a few wrong turns during your technology choices or implementation, we will analyze your codebase health, identify architecture and scalability issues, and guide you toward getting things back on track.

  • Consulting

    Our seasoned consultants analyze your business or technology problem to recommend the best course of action that fits within your time, budget, and cost constraints.

  • Design

    Our design teams collaborate closely with the engineers to maintain tight design guidelines and build a winning UX for your software.

Engagement Models

Whether your existing engineering team is short-handed on one technology, you want an engineering team to call your own, or just need an MVP without worrying about software engineering, with our flexible engagement models, you choose exactly how we can help you.

A perfect engagement model for long-term collaboration, whether you have just started your journey or your in-house team needs helping hands.

We build a squad (or more) for you that you can call your own, with just the right skill set that your endeavor demands, and scale it up as you grow. Our versatile teams integrate into your existing engineering processes from the get-go, freeing you to focus on your core business.

Build My Team

We build value

We were thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of the Auxcube team and the quality of their work. It was a pleasure collaborating with Auxcube, and we are excited to continue our partnership in future endeavors.

Ray WattsCEO, Neutral Party

Developers from Auxcube were communicative, skilled professionals that were flexible to working within our process to complete the necessary development work. We look forward to a continued relationship with Auxcube as a valuable partner, advisor, and member of our team.

Edgar BrizaFounder, The Forge

We are highly satisfied with Auxcube's performance. They are very responsive, good problem solvers and work with you to get you what you need. They stayed highly engaged with our project, gave good technical advice, and stuck to the task to get to satisfactory solutions within a reasonable timeframe and cost.

Aurelio PrifiteraFounder, PsycHealth

We Build Partnerships

Our clients are our partners. Whether you have just set out to build your next startup, or are an industry veteran, you face unique challenges - and each challenge calls for a unique combination of skills.

Our people's diverse backgrounds, technology stack expertise, cultures, business domain knowledge, and training make them technology-agnostic problem solvers. Our engineering leaders work with you to select the right mix of people and create an outstanding engineering team with the skillset you need to build the software solutions for your business goals - as we build a long-lasting partnership with you.

  • Conrad Labs
  • Tintash
  • Laamp
  • Plugd
  • PorchPass
  • ILS


We offer a no-obligation discovery consultation session to understand the problem you are working on and begin your engagement with Auxcube.